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The Heriot Angling Club is based in Edinburgh and fishes in South - East and Central Scotland.

 Please explore our site to discover more about the Club.

 Our Outing Reports contain several years of data covering the popular fisheries.
Keith Logan about to land a fish
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 Updated : 21.03.19
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Mr Colin Riach.
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  Updated : 21.03.19

   Hi friends, it's me again. Just to let you all know that Keith has now got a bit more time to devote to the website. So this is my last update. It has been a pleasure keeping the site up to date for the last nine years or so, but it is time to hand over to Keith, that's him on the left under the hat.


NOTE: Outing reports are beeing kept up to date after each 2019 club outing.
    Kindest regards, Ed Green
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